3 comments on “I’m cool? Since when?

  1. Compliments are great!! Especially for being a geek/gamer. I remember when people used it as an insult. lol

    Glad to hear your kids think you are awesome too, because we already knew it!

  2. It seems society is finally realizing that being passionate about something is just fine, the nerdly arts are starting to become more popular. I wonder if this is because of the internet, when these people see there are more and more people like them. Add in all this TV stuff, where nerds are being portrayed less and less as the fat neck-beard and more like an everyday person.

  3. I can’t say I’m happy that ‘nerd’ is going mainstream because of all the ‘gamer’ girls that suck at CoD and Halo but it’s always great to feel accepted.

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