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  1. I am also fortunate for the same reasons as you, Rachel. I am also a trans woman and a life long gamer, and I have found much acceptance among other gamers. It has been my experience that most of the ‘girls don’t play games’ mindset is more towards console/computer online gaming which some days really feels like a 10 year old’s ‘No Gurlz Allowed’ club. And even there attitudes are changing. Even growing up I think that table top, card and roleplaying gamers are more open and accepting. Most of the ‘girls don’t play games’ pressure I remember from 20 years ago was from outside the gaming community, not inside of it.


    follow url Maybe it’s because gamers know what it’s like to be mocked and looked down on. Maybe it’s because gaming appeals to more intellectually inclined or open minded people. Maybe it’s a whole host of things and variables and different for everyone. Maybe being on the outskirts or seen as ‘strange’ in one way makes it easier to accept in yourself and others what people see as ‘strange’. Whatever the reason, I am just glad it is there.


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