Eldar, of course.


I actually have a couple other post ideas ready to go, but today just feels like a Xenos day. The fact that Games Workshop released ‘official’, non-blurry photos of the models probably helped alot.

I just have a few observations and/or speculations since the initial ‘wow that looks purdy!’ stage has passed. About the Eldar book of course. I’m constantly observing everything. All the time. And judging. Even you. 

Firstly – Crimson Hunter / Hemlock Wraithfighter. Is this thing going to be a 1-3 choice or what? I’ve been trying to decide if I like this thing. The aforementioned blurry photos attempted to decry the coolness and smooth lines going on here. I’ve officially come out of the closet and admitted that I like this thing. I will need many.CrimsonHunter

Speaking of 1-3 choices, I’m going to need Wraithlords to be 1-3, yet stomp around independently. Can we make this happen please? My heavy slot was ALWAYS so very very hotly contested. I’ve always been a fan of the Falcon, and used to run 3 of them. After I picked up my first Wraithlord, he usually followed Elorrah into battle (because who wouldn’t?) and after he took the pimp-hand a certain Sister’s tank that was trying to run him over I was definitely sold. And we cannot forget the Dark Reapers with their rampant marine killing abilites.


Now we’re going to toss in a Wraithknight (I still have no idea how I will transport this monster)! Oh, and for tease factor, we’re going to give the Reapers Slow and Purposeful, so we can kill Space Marines on the go! Oh wait! We’re also going to (rumoured) shave some points off your Falcon! NOW make some decisions. And remember that Fire Prism you picked up at the swap meet at your LGS, yeah, just go ahead and leave that guy in the box, there’s no room for him in the inn.

Ok, so let’s make the Falcon (or maybe just “Heavy Tank”) a 1-3 slot a la the Guard codex and move the Wraithlord over to the Elites section. Surely he can step aside for the new Heavyweight Champion.

One of my last, and most pressing concerns is what happens to Elorrah? First of all, it looks like she may have a decision to make on a path of Battle or Fate. This might not be so difficult as I just have to see where Eldritch Storm lands (she is the Bringer of Storms after all). Next will be – does she run with a gang or go at it solo?

Speaking of gangs, will she be able to ride a bike still? She’s still got that limp from all that ass kicking she’s done over the years.


4 thoughts on “Eldar, of course.

  1. My brother doesn’t like the new flier at all, but I really like it, still looks like a hunter while still looking like it is eldar. It is sleek, and it looks fast as hell, can’t wait to see if it has vector dancer or not. I have hopes for the eldar, they deserve a lot of awesomeness.

  2. I am really wanting to build up whatever remains of my Eldar force… I always loved them so much, but back in the day my most common (and frequently only) opponent was only interested in playing Eldar, so I focused more on other races.. Most often Space Marines and Chaos. But I always longed for those pointed eared wunderkind that kicked my butt. 🙂

  3. I am still looking through the codex, trying to figure it all out. Dark Eldar are primary for me, typically, but I like so many things in the Eldar codex, that I am not sure which will be primary, or if I need more of a 50/50 point-wise. Eldar actually have armor saves, unlike most of my Dark Eldar. Are any of you planning on combining forces, oh, Battle Siblings?

    • I am also jealous of all the Eternal Warrior stuff, though I am not sure how it compares in the game, whether people will take those characters, but it is nice to have that option, as Dark Eldar got the shaft there with out typical T3, and only the nerfed Incubus gets EW.

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