4 comments on “Eldar, of course.

  1. My brother doesn’t like the new flier at all, but I really like it, still looks like a hunter while still looking like it is eldar. It is sleek, and it looks fast as hell, can’t wait to see if it has vector dancer or not. I have hopes for the eldar, they deserve a lot of awesomeness.

  2. I am really wanting to build up whatever remains of my Eldar force… I always loved them so much, but back in the day my most common (and frequently only) opponent was only interested in playing Eldar, so I focused more on other races.. Most often Space Marines and Chaos. But I always longed for those pointed eared wunderkind that kicked my butt. 🙂

  3. I am still looking through the codex, trying to figure it all out. Dark Eldar are primary for me, typically, but I like so many things in the Eldar codex, that I am not sure which will be primary, or if I need more of a 50/50 point-wise. Eldar actually have armor saves, unlike most of my Dark Eldar. Are any of you planning on combining forces, oh, Battle Siblings?

    • I am also jealous of all the Eternal Warrior stuff, though I am not sure how it compares in the game, whether people will take those characters, but it is nice to have that option, as Dark Eldar got the shaft there with out typical T3, and only the nerfed Incubus gets EW.

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