Escape: The Curse of the Temple

So, I’m pretty much the most horrible weekly blogger ever.  I’ll get better…or worse, no one really knows.  😉

EscapeCurseTempleBoardGameSo, I had the opportunity to play a fun little game called Escape: The Curse of the Temple.  It’s pretty much a co-op dice rolling game that lasts 10 minutes.  No more, no less.  The premise is that you and your friends are adventurers exploring a temple.  You use dice rolls to determine your exploration by rolling certain symbols to unlock a new room tile.  The goal is to escape safely and as a group.


This game is seriously simple.  You can teach someone to play in about 1 minute.  The game itself lasts exactly ten minutes by using a soundtrack that guides the game.

Players have 5 dice with various symbols on them including feet (a man running), torches, keys, charms (yellow mask), and curses (black masks).  The soundtrack starts and when the voice says “escape” you begin rolling.  In order to unlock a new room tile you must roll at least 2 feet.  You place the room tile in a way that makes sense and move into the room.  Anyone else that wants to go into that room must roll the combo on that tile. Players can help each other on dice rolls, which can be necessary, especially when dealing with curses, but you must be in the same room to do so.  This game really promotes sticking together and team work.  If you’re not out by the time the soundtrack stops then you’ve lost.  Oh, and along the way you want to steal some crystals because if too many are left inside the temple then your escape will be much harder to accomplish.EscapeBoard


The reason I liked the game was it’s simplicity.  Players roll dice and move.  There is also a lot of team work, which I love.  It’s an excellent filler game and great when you’re waiting on another game to wrap up.  Also, anyone can learn it.  The one huge downside is that I checked the price on Amazon and it’s $70.00!  Maybe I’m cheap (I’m not…I drop money on things like it’s my last day on earth), but I really feel like a game like this should be around $30.00.

I’d give it an 6.5/10, but mostly because of the high cost.  If it was priced appropriately, I’d probably give it 7.5/10.

*UPDATE*  Maybe I should have shopped around.  I found the game for $38.00 on Amazon, which is a much better deal.  Given that, I’ll bump this to a 7/10.

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