3 comments on “Dusting Off the Ol Blog

  1. Looks like a mighty fine work space. I’m in the process of upgrading mine as well. In the works – shelving, new brushes, and hopefully a large daylight spectrum under-hung light.

    I’m looking forward to giving Dark Age a try in this weekend’s tourney, thanks to Jamie Wolff for loaning me the army to play. I’ll write something about my thoughts on the game and tourney if you like.

    • Thanks!! It has been a challenge to try and fit that, my sewing table, tubs of fabric, tons of canvases and still have enough space for easels and far too much paint, pencils, pens and whatever else she can art with. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I’m hoping to get on a regular review schedule again. It’s been crazy with moving, painting, and all that junk on top of the holidays…I haven’t had time to plan much else.

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