5 comments on “The Roleplay Bug

  1. Do you have a copy of the last update to 5th Ed? Granted it’s Beta material, but it’d get you going until the official releases and hopefully wouldn’t be too different.

  2. Have you thought of Pathfinder? it is a system that was made by the designers that left wizards around the time 4th came out. So its is actually very similar to 3.5 in a lot of ways, but they also added and changed a couple things (stream lined skills, took all the maneuvers (disarm, grapple, trip) and put them into a single score)

    And the best part? every single thing they ever published is open gaming license, at http://www.d20pfsrd.com/ . And its legitimately OGL, unlike all the 3.5 stuff that was on the web till Wizards sued all those people.

  3. I often find the setting defines the system. If I want to play fantasy, I’m reaching for 3.5 or Pathfinder (so easy to convert between the two, might as well consider them one system). If I want to play modern sci-fi/horror, I’m reaching for the World Of Darkness books. If I want to play futuristic sci-fi, I’m looking at Shadowrun, then putting those books down because the character creation system is awful.

    I think the story you want to play is more important than the system you want to play it in. If you’re looking to play a pirates-only campaign, for example, D&D Next probably isn’t a great idea because the pirate supplements don’t exist yet.

    So the question remains: What’s your story?

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