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40kWarriorI’m kicking off a campaign again! I have been planning for some time, but with the advent of 7th edition looming, I decided to put any action on hold. It’s good that I did, as it gave me time to plan, revise and tweak my Cami-paign Packet v3. I’ve also procured the Mighty and Planetary Empires tiles and have been painting those up as well.

This campaign will be a continuance of the v2 campaign I ran (and sadly, never finished) last year. The dangling story-line will help me kick this one off. And what is that story-line? Well I’m glad you asked!

While fighting amongst themselves for power and glory, the myriad forces, both Imperial and Xenos, fighting just outside the Drusus sub-sector failed to notice the evil villian Xylar ne’Ives slip quietly into the area. Although pursued by the mysterious woman Mitsuko, Xylar’s plans came to fruition. He had built some type of device that acted as a psychic inhibitor and blocked out the Astronomicon! Travel has been near-impossible for months now.

Now the forces of Chaos have taken advangate of the confusion and conflict and moved into the area unseen and have landed on the planet Meldragenous with nefarious plans of their own. They seek a long lost set of wargear that makes the bearer near-unstoppable, and also is rumored to be the regal set of the original ruler of Meldragenous. The planetary guard, lulled into a sense of saftey due to the lack of travel in the sub-sector, were caught unawares and have been losing ground. Calling for help has been fruitless. 

Until now…

It’s time for new heroes to rise up and come to the aid of one side or another for victory and glory! Do you have what it takes to crush your enemies and take power for yourself?

I’ve written this set of rules to be simple and self-running. There are many opportunities for expansion and I may do so in the future, but for now, this format is what we’re using for our local group. I also wanted it to be designed to be used as a possible Escalation event, and the War Council aspect of the packet should allow for that. I keep saying ‘I’, but while I did start this, I certainly couldn’t have finished it without the wonderful help I had. You know who you are! 😉

Sadly, right as we were completing this ruleset, GW announced that they would be launching the Sanctus Reach campaign. I am excited about that, as it’s bringing Planetstrike back, but we’re going forward with the Cami-pagin anyway, since we’re not sure what campaign rules SR may have. The latest White Dwarf didn’t give any hints other than ‘Campaigns are good.’ SR did help me decide which of my armies I’d be playing for the Cami-paign though…

For the Emperor!

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