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40kWarriorI’m kicking off a campaign again! I have been planning for some time, but with the advent of 7th edition looming, I decided to put any action on hold. It’s good that I did, as it gave me time to plan, revise and tweak my Cami-paign Packet v3. I’ve also procured the Mighty and Planetary Empires tiles and have been painting those up as well.

This campaign will be a continuance of the v2 campaign I ran (and sadly, never finished) last year. The dangling story-line will help me kick this one off. And what is that story-line? Well I’m glad you asked! Continue Reading

Thats right, you read that correctly, today I am going to talk about killing characters in tabletop games.  In my case this is in pathfinder as that is the primary system I have played, but regardless it applies everywhere.  Today will mostly be about characters I have killed while DMing various campaigns.

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