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  1. go This sentiment is something I hate as well, being in the same position. Plus knowing lots of cis women gamers as well. It’s just stupid and insulting. It doesn’t help that a lot of the time it has just become a joke that people parrot without thinking how insulting it can be, like calling anything they don’t like ‘gay’. I always stand up against it, regardless of whether it is directed at me or not. Every time someone lets an insulting joke slide they are quietly approving of it to other people’s eyes. So I’ll step up to be the one to say ‘Hey, that’s not cool’.

  2. Buy Cheap Xanax Cod Overnight Okay I can understand the anger against the trans insults but G.I.R.L….? Really? Lol. Have you ever heard… You mad, bro? Seriously, lashing out or “being the hero” probably won’t make it better. If anything it feeds the stereotypical image of women who are hormonal and sensitive. When someone is intentionally trying to rile you up, what better way to combat that by laughing it off? So learn to roll with the punches. If you can’t make fun of yourself, you’re living life way to seriously, right? And you should never give a fuck about what people, who you don’t know or care about, say anyway. You don’t have to prove jack to them either; you don’t answer to them.. do you? Lol. I’m not trying to be mean but it looks like you’re overreacting. Where are all these poor defenseless girls anyway? In another castle?

    https://dentaris-sa.com/2024/05/13/7l80lcf9c TL;DR suck it up, foo’

  3. https://www.jacobysaustin.com/2024/05/40bapsl It is possible to fight back against these kinds of statements without getting into a screaming tizzy you know. I believe that idiotic statements should be refuted when they pop up, less other people hear them and think it’s okay to keep repeating them. A simple “Well that’s stupid. Lots of girls play games, duh” or “wow, that’s rude” suffices to counter the G.I.R.L. argument, especially given people know it’s not a true statement. But it still leads to minimization of girl games, both of the cis and trans varieties. I’m not ‘trying to be a hero’ here. I’m trying to stand up for myself and my sisters against stupid, rude jokes.

  4. https://www.vertaglia.com/0nv7ekxkkix Omg that video was freaking hilarious… omg… I disagree, I think half that shit could work, assuming you have another girl to back you up.

    go @Alison,
    See that’s all it is.. A stupid joke lol. Many are funny and well played, but like I said before: if they’re going after some transgender or even homosexual angle that crosses the line. Otherwise, whatever. No, it doesn’t have to end in a screaming match to stop if you need it to. You have to be careful how you play that one though. Am I really the only person who doesn’t think this is a big deal? And how the hell does it reduce games for us?? I play what I want, when I want. If someone doesn’t like it, big whoop, I don’t have to play with them or talk to them.. From my experience, most of the girls that get trolled are the ones who feel they have to announce that they are female and it’s usually for attention. I think we’ve all done that at one point, at least I have lol. But no one really cares what your sex is; you’re there to game.

  5. Buy Sandoz Alprazolam I share the philosophy of Commander Badass (thepunchlineismacheesmo.com)
    “Son, the way I see it. It don’t mater what’s in a persons pants unless your trying to get in them.” You are who you are and no one has the right to tell you otherwise. Ignore the trolls and let your skills do the talking.

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