2 comments on “My Poor Genestealers… (on why I’ve shelved my bugs)

  1. follow I only have 8 genestealers, and until they are updated rules wise I plan to keep it that way because the rules really hosed the poor things. They were such a good unit, but I think those space marines complained too much about them outflanking and killing them, so they changed outflank. I of course jest but it is really frustrating how successful tyranids seem to be moving more and more to a mono build. If you want to be competitive, you HAVE to take tervigons, and that is ridiculous.

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    https://www.vertaglia.com/jcd4h44lxu Genestealers are such cool models and so much fun to play with before they nerfed the hell out of them. The fact that you cant switch out of powers you cannot use on the broodlord is just, ugh.


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