All posts tagged alignment I find it interesting that for a dog, the ultimate compliment, the ultimate praise, the pinnacle of achievement is the phrase, “Good dog.” What, your dog just fetched a ball? Good dog. He sat on command? Good dog. He saved a baby from a burning building? Good dog. Ok, extreme example, but you get my point: Whether an invaluable service animal or a family pet, the best thing you can say to your dog is that he is good.

follow link We know, if we take the 3.5 PHB as canon, that most humans are, naturally, neutral good. If given the choice, average-guy-on-the-street will choose to do good, even if it means breaking a law to do so. We see examples of this general societal mindset when we’re outraged because a hero is punished for a life-saving action that violated a law or a company policy. Like this lifeguard, who was fired for saving a drowning man outside his “zone.” The lifeguarding company has offered the guy his job back, but think about it. If this guy had been LG, he would have let the guy drown, or at least alerted someone who could have saved him without violating his company policy. NG, save the guy without thinking about it. CG, I dunno, save the guy and then sue the company? The point is, put on the spot in a life-or-death situation, Average Person acted NG. Just like the PHB says he should. enter Continue Reading

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