3 comments on “40k and Heels… holla!

  1. Oh god, heels to tabletop games, you are a masochist, I like it. Seriously though, nothin wrong with feelin sexy whilst playing games.

    Glad to have you working with us though

  2. I am constantly jealous of her heels. Not only does she wear them and own it, but her shoes and so freaking cute I don’t know what to do with myself.

  3. Lol aw thanks Jill. You missed my new pair on Sunday – plaid boots with all kinds of skulls and chains and stuff hanging off them. I don’t see myself wearing them on a regular basis, but they’ll be great for gigs. I mostly wore them on Saturday to show Cami. 😀

    Ok, maybe a little bit of a masochist… but there’s nothing better than winning a 40k game and looking cute while you do it. 🙂 And thanks Rachel! I’m glad to be aboard!

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