4 comments on “To mask, or not to mask?

  1. Well said!! Male, female, doesn’t matter… what does matter is that we are good at what we do. 😉

    • I have had similar experiences playing WoW and raiding and it was part of why I only was raid heals for the same group. Especially for me being trans and having voice issues, I would often get told I am not a real girl. Luckily my two main groups were my guild that I was Raid Lead for, and the other one was lead by a fellow trans person who was just awesome.

  2. I think we’ve all run into that same thing online. A moment of surprise, while annoying, I can handle. What bugs me is the whole “Prove you are a (real) girl” line of thinking. We shouldn’t have to do anything to prove who we are. That’s pretty much bullying, in my own opinion. 😛

  3. Near virgin dorks will not only be intimidated by our breasts but possibly emasculated too. It’s a boy’s world that we play in; combine that with the fact that tits > dicks and you have undeniably powerful usurpers. Men love women but they don’t honestly want to put up with us all the time (it totally goes both ways). It’s only natural they might be a little baffled and judgmental when we participate. Should it matter? Hell no, but I only see it as a great advantage personally 😉 True gamer girls go against the grain so surprise is imminent and what better way to advance on the competition? Haha

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