Skathach Wraithknight in Progress

I have made a little progress on my Skathach Wraithknight, so I figured I should share it since he seems to be sapping my motivation.

I have been working on this guy for a while now, but I always find my motivation flagging with these very large models for some reason. I have done two before – my standard Wraithknight and an Imperial Knight we named Ares Lictor II. I ended up working on them each for somewhere around six (6) months, and although I am hoping that the Skathach will not go for quite as long, the dismal amount of progress I have made on him is not a good sign.

On a more positive note, I am becoming more interested in working on multiple projects at once, so some smaller models might go by as well. I am not certain if this helps or hinders painting quite yet, however. I still have not finished my Crimson Hunter’s base and have 27 magnetized weapons to finish up for my Windriders jetbikes.

Without further ado, here are some pictures:





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