All posts tagged Paint I have made a little progress on my Skathach Wraithknight, so I figured I should share it since he seems to be sapping my motivation.

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Buy Xanax Agora I took another step in my Corsairs project, and it turns out my original idea for the basing did not really work out either.

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go As I think I have said before, I have been working on making a force of Corsairs using Dark Eldar models. With GW’s decision that Corsairs will not be included in Ynnari, I decided to model everything in a way that could see them fielded as either Dark Eldar or Corsairs depending on what rules set I wanted to go with. (My FLGS loathes Forgeworld stuff, so having models based on only being Corsairs is not a good idea.) It was a little bit of mental gynmastics, but it worked out pretty well. The one unintended side-effect this has brought about, of course, is my new fascination with Dark Eldar.

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Buy Valium London Uk One of my favorite parts of Warhammer is painting the minis. I’ve seen some really well painted armies as well as some really creative armies. I’ve also seen some badly painted armies and armies that just plain haven’t been painted. I’m back on my psychology kick this week – let’s see if you guys agree with me.

source site A frequent visitor of Gigabites, Kane, has by far the most creative army I’ve seen so far. He added pieces to the vehicles as well as bent the pieces that already existed to make the vehicles appear possessed by demons. It is WAY cool. He also switched out other pieces throughout his army to create a completely unique and innovative look. To me, this shows a person who regularly thinks outside the box and is very passionate about his hobbies and life in general. He had the courage to make the army his own and put it on the battle table for everyone to see. I think this speaks volumes about his character.

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