Space Engineers

My free time in recent months has been eaten by an early-release game on Steam called 2015-04-04-15-04-52-778_FinalScreenSpace Engineers. What is S.E. you ask? I’m glad you brought that up!

As an avid Minecraft player (and crafty/creative person in general), I love to build things. In MC though, those things are just static. Many times I’ve wanted to build a cart or big boat or space ship and have it be able to fly around.

2015-04-24-09-14-51-772_FinalScreenWell that’s what Space Engineers is about! It’s a sandbox-style game like the aforementioned MC, except it happens in space; you have to worry about things like power, mass and breathing; and your creations can MOVE! They can move about, open up, and even shoot bullets and missiles if you choose.

2015-05-08-07-55-57-165_FinalScreenI’ve made quite a few designs in the game, and having reached a point in the single player game where it was becoming very repititious for me, moved on to multi-player. Multi player is a bit different, as the network code is being re built from the ground up, so they have only released minor patches for it and therefore is still very buggy. So if you can deal with other ships bouncing around in space a little bit (I just think of it as holo-fields), it’s not so bad. I just had to adjust my playstyle a little, since in single player I’m almost exclusively a pirate.

2015-04-20-09-58-30-287_FinalScreenI’m not saying single player gets boring. They have since added ‘missions’ to single play, which I have yet to try. They do look fun. Also, other players can build scenarios and share them on Steam. You can also download ships, asteroids and modded game files as well. I’ve also designed a couple of mods myself, and use them on my own server!

100_3623Does that mean I’m through with my other diversions? Hell no! I’ve begun painting again in the last few weeks, and there was a new Eldar codex (more on that in another post later) and finally got a few games of 40k in recently and we’re trying to organize a board game night in the near future!

All this and planning a wedding too, We’ve been busy little bees!

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