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All posts tagged computer gaming My free time in recent months has been eaten by an early-release game on Steam called 2015-04-04-15-04-52-778_FinalScreenSpace Engineers. What is S.E. you ask? I’m glad you brought that up!

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see As an avid Minecraft player (and crafty/creative person in general), I love to build things. In MC though, those things are just static. Many times I’ve wanted to build a cart or big boat or space ship and have it be able to fly around.

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enter Last night I was raiding, like I usually do on Friday nights. I know that makes me seem like I have absolutely no life at all – given the wide world of social opportunities on a Friday night, and I choose to sit around on WoW? But I do, because let’s face it, when you wake up at 6:30 in the morning, staying up until 4AM isn’t really an option, and soon after you recognize that reality, Friday becomes just another weeknight. Sad.


go to site Anyway, so I was sitting around raiding on vent mumble (who¬†doesn’t use vent, honestly…) and I said something totally innocuous…I think it was “Hey Trodi. What’s up?” and the immediate response came from a non-guildie, who immediately said “It’s strange to hear a girl talk on vent. Most girls don’t usually talk unless they have to.” Moments later another guildie logged in and we all said hello to Symantha, who said hi back. He’s a guy, playing a girl character with a girl name, but even so, everyone assumes he’s a guy because he’s playing WoW and only guys play WoW. (Sidenote: I want to roll a character named Victoria who’s a male character, and then when I talk on vent I’ll tell people I’m a guy…)

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