2 comments on “March 40k Tournament

    • Something along the lines of CAD only (they might allow 1 Allied Detachment if the points are high enough but that’s variable), no Forgeworld models, no Formations, no Gargantuan Creatures, and no Super-heavies. It is largely understandable since points are usually 1000-1250.

      I suspect no Gathering Storm models will get added to the list as well since there were at least Celestine, Guilliman (sp?), and Yncarne and they all supposedly wrecked face.

      Next month is rumored to be a 3000 point apocalypse and I suspect there will be very few restrictions but thankfully there should also be no cash prize. I might just take whatever strikes my fancy, although if the Phoenix Court of Khaine is still a thing, I might have to run it again.

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