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All posts tagged video games I have loved playing World of Darkness (or I guess it is Chronicles of Darkness now), so when I noticed this 2000’s video game on sale from Steam, I could not resist picking it up. Although it has its share of bugs and issues, it is still a pretty great game; just make sure you go get the unofficial patch before you start.

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see url When I did my article on DOOM, I originally had a much longer first draft, although with a little thought, I realized that one part of the game deserved a little more attention than I would have given it had it remained in the review article. Continue Reading

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click here My roommate is playing Guitar Hero.

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here He’s stuck on this song.


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source link The same guitar riff, with various missing notes as his fingers fumble the plastic instrument, has filled our apartment for the past half hour. Having been repeatedly booed offstage by the exceedingly critical pixilated audience, he’s moved into practice mode, playing the same bit of song over and over again. I can feel the frustration radiating from him; his breathing has become slow and measured in an effort to calm himself. I know the symptoms well. follow site Continue Reading

go to link It’s incredible to me how shocked guys can be over the fact that a girl plays video games. At one of my shows the other night I told a server that I wanted to get home so I could get a little gaming in, and he was shocked when I told him which games I had recently beaten and which games I was currently playing. In truth, video games have been a major part of my life for years. The first game I picked up was Pokemon on my brand new Gameboy Color in 5th grade. At recess, all the girls sat on those acrobat bars talking about the boys and the boys sat on the rocks playing with their Gameboys. They all had the Pokemon game, mostly red cartridges. So after weeks of chores, I finally saved up enough to get the blue Pokemon cartridge and I got to sit on the rocks at recess and battle the boys. Continue Reading

go to site Last night I was raiding, like I usually do on Friday nights. I know that makes me seem like I have absolutely no life at all – given the wide world of social opportunities on a Friday night, and I choose to sit around on WoW? But I do, because let’s face it, when you wake up at 6:30 in the morning, staying up until 4AM isn’t really an option, and soon after you recognize that reality, Friday becomes just another weeknight. Sad.

go Anyway, so I was sitting around raiding on vent mumble (who doesn’t use vent, honestly…) and I said something totally innocuous…I think it was “Hey Trodi. What’s up?” and the immediate response came from a non-guildie, who immediately said “It’s strange to hear a girl talk on vent. Most girls don’t usually talk unless they have to.” Moments later another guildie logged in and we all said hello to Symantha, who said hi back. He’s a guy, playing a girl character with a girl name, but even so, everyone assumes he’s a guy because he’s playing WoW and only guys play WoW. (Sidenote: I want to roll a character named Victoria who’s a male character, and then when I talk on vent I’ll tell people I’m a guy…)

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