March 40k Tournament

My Local Gaming Store held another tournament recently in which the restrictions were opened up a bit since there were a lot of requests from players. Amusingly, the end of the tournament saw most of the store’s players in agreement that the previous restrictions were warranted, and the TO appeared to have reached the conclusion that having paid entry tournaments with cash prizes for winners was something that was probably pushing the store players into a more competative mindset than was desirable.


Science, Demons, and Power – Dr. Olivia Pierce

When I did my article on DOOM, I originally had a much longer first draft, although with a little thought, I realized that one part of the game deserved a little more attention than I would have given it had it remained in the review article.


[PC Game] – Quickie from Heroes & Generals

I’ve been playing Heroes & Generals (on the Russian side) off and on when I have some free time and occasionally I get a funny little photo out of it. Here is one where, during a three way battle, one of the US tankers joined our side and assisted in shelling the Germans!

US M26 Pershing is 2nd from the right.